Certified Protective Ophthalmic
Lens Packaging

Certified Protective Ophthalmic Lens packaging

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Sleeves - Hotel Keycards
Gift Cards - ATM Cards


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Seed Packets - Miniature to
Full Size

seed packets - miniature to full size from creative envelope

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Florist or Enclosure
Card Envelopes

Florist Enclosure cards and envelopes from creative envelope

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Specialty/Custom Packets/Lithograhic
Printing with Bleeds

specialty custom packets lithographic printing with bleeds from creative envelope

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Mini Fully Lined/Optics Jewelry - Specialty Applications

mini fully lined envelopes for optics, jewely, specialty applications

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Welcome to Creative Envelope... Contact Us About Lens Packaging SPECIAL!

Creative Envelope is more than a custom envelope manufacturer. Our core product line is ophthalmic lens packaging. Not just any packaging … superior packaging according to our COLTS Performance Seal award.

It takes technical expertise to manufacture optical lens envelopes; they cannot be made by any envelope manufacturer. At Creative Envelope, we researched lens packaging. Our testing process was intensive. We take pride in saying that we modified machinery and specified materials to produce optical envelopes that systematically protect polycarbonate lenses from scratching or damaging during shipment.

Customers, worldwide, rely on us to protect their product as well as to manufacture packaging that runs flawlessly on their equipment. Our specialty envelopes include:

Thanks for visiting Creative Envelope. Whether your envelope and packaging needs are large or small, simple or complex – we are ready to talk to you about your specific needs, provide solutions and, importantly, save you money.