Creative Envelope - Testimonials

“Cerium is safely packaged in the most technically advanced materials to-date. When your application is of critical importance, CE will work with your engineers to determine the right technical non-woven liner material or airfoam to safely protect the product.”

“When we made the transfer from our old vendor to Creative Envelope, Richard Sherman worked closely with us to get the colors on the packaging just right. In addition, he spent a lot of time making sure his boxes and envelopes would conform to the close tolerances demanded by our robotic machinery. If there’s ever a problem, or I need anything, I call Richard and he takes care of it. He’s always accessible. The personal attention is excellent and means a lot to us. We can rely on this vendor."

Maria G. Panfill, Purchasing Manager
Hablis, Inc.
Milford, CT

“Creative Envelope makes a quality product. They’re positive, professional and timely. On a scale of 10, I’d rank them a solid 8.5. I’d certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a strong supplier.”

Ralph, Daio, Purchasing Manager
Nassau Vision Group
Northvale, NJ

“Over the years, our experience with Richard Sherman and all the folks at Creative Envelope has been one of complete satisfaction. They’ve been very accommodating to our special needs and the quality of their work is exceptionally high. Additionally, when doing price comparisons we’ve found they’re tough to beat.”

Rosie Eickhoff, Owner
Pioneer Postal Sales
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin